Bob Olson

you thought of me as a crack up   didn’t you
talking out of turn   joking around in class
all play   no work
“Hey, Mr. Kemper, why do you wear that cookie duster?”

remember the times you sent me out of class
or the time you made me stand in the corner
with gum on my nose
oh yeah    good times

and what about the time
you saw me out in the hall    crying

what did that make you think
that I had been hit or hurt
made to feel foolish

or that I was scared to go to my next class
or scared to get on the bus
or scared to go home
or sick of feeling left out

or maybe you thought
I was just having one of those days

it would have been nice    maybe
for you to have found out why I was upset
you being a teacher and all
but that didn’t happen

oh yeah   good times in middle school

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